Babysitter Must Die (2020)

AKA: Josie Jane: Kill the Babysitter
Worst. Job. Ever.
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  • RT Rating N/A
  • IMDB Rating 4.2

Critic Reviews:

‘Babysitter Must Die’ is a lot of fun and as it’s so short, it breezes by very quickly. I really enjoyed watching Josie’s unexpected adventures and the character is one that could easily come back for a sequel, should the film-makers choose to write more films for her.

Babysitter Must Die is an interesting take on the babysitter in peril subgenre, but one hamstrung by its own budget and tone. Visually, it’s uninspiring at best. The action and gore are well done, but it’s not nearly gnarly or brutal enough. Which doesn’t help when the villains are so limp and uninteresting. Is Josie really a badass, or are the bad guys just crap?

An early game of hide-and-seek both foreshadows subsequent events, and gives us a good look at the home’s interior. For a small-scale, relatively low-budget production this was a pleasant surprise. At 76 minutes, it does what it needs to, and in a lean, efficient way.