Attack on Titan II: End of the World (2015)

To rise above monsters, you must become one.
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  • RT Rating 50%
  • IMDB Rating 4.8

Critic Reviews:

Attack on Titan: Part 2 does nothing to save its terrible first part. If the story is somewhat interesting, it’s ruined by awful, flat characters and weak justifications for their actions. Cool Titan fighting is marred by characters’ blank stares and glaring inaction, and the worldbuilding is sadly limited. It’s at least not unwatchable, but with several other ways to experience Attack on Titan, why would you watch it?

The action is great, but the story surrounding it doesn’t have the heart or soul of what the original portrayed. The real question one has to ask is, "Why watch this when I can watch the anime? Even the recap movies are better."

...more frustrating is that the film all but abandons the headline-grabbing sequences of lumbering giants tearing into human flesh. Even in the heavily truncated form that arrived on Hong Kong’s screens, the film’s playfully gratuitous violence was for many its sole pleasure.