Arctic Void (2022)

AKA: Dissonance
You are the experiment.
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  • RT Rating N/A
  • IMDB Rating 4.7

Critic Reviews:

If Arctic Void had taken not just its setting from the Cold War but some plot tips from some of that era’s more paranoid thrillers it would have been a lot better off. Instead it’s a frustrating watch that crashes just short of the finish line.

...director Darren Mann and cinematographer David Rush Morrison have done wonders, creating a modest film that has the requisit creepiness and claustrophobic feel of the genre. The denoument is a bit flat and the final act could have delivered a more satisfying ending, but the cast turns in entirely acceptable performances and the scenery itself is so stunning...

...if you are someone who likes suspense, likes a little ambiguity, mixed with some good old fashioned tension, and a sprinkling of humor (mostly at the beginning) this is the kind of old school film that might be appealing. Especially if you want something that doesn't riddle you with blood and guts.