Apex Predators (2021)

AKA: Los Angeles Shark Attack
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  • RT Rating N/A
  • IMDB Rating 1.5

Critic Reviews:

Despite featuring some goofy action at times, it’s so few and infrequent here based on the cheap setup and focus on areas away from being a shark movie that hold this one back. Really only go for this one if you’re a shark movie completist or a fan of the creative crew here while most others will want to stick to other entries in the genre in order to get their killer shark fix.

...there are no on-screen shark attacks in Apex Predator. A shark attack film with no shark attacks, sounds really exciting, eh? Victims just vanish under the water, or the camera cuts away and they’re gone when it returns. No blood, no struggles, rarely even a fin in the water. There’s working around a low budget and then there’s not even trying.

Unfortunately, Ferguson's film is nothing more than an amalgam of underwater archive sequences and scenes of actors without any charisma, shot with the appearance of a summer tourist's home video, pretending to be attacked by an invisible shark on the shore of the beach.