Antlers (2021)

Pray it desires not you.
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  • RT Rating 59%
  • IMDB Rating 6.3

Critic Reviews:

If there’s a weakness to "Antlers," it’s just how much the script seems willing to underline those themes instead of the characters involved. [...] It’s also a film that can feel monotonous in its deadly serious tone. A bit of humor to break up the child torture might have helped balance it out.

The horror and supernatural elements fall short, as does the suspense, never quite gripping or entirely terrifying. The darkness of humanity is far scarier here than the creature that lurks in the shadows, with Antlers’ creature spending most of its time in the dark and some of the scarier aspects of its lore discarded.

...the film can be effective in prying beneath the surface of what-lurks-in-the-woods fears. It also indulges its share of genre cliches: Oppressive atmosphere, the creepier fringes of Native American folklore, the Creepy Little Kid archetype, some crackity-bones body-horror sound effects.