All Hallows' Eve (2013)

Come out and play.
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  • RT Rating 32%
  • IMDB Rating 5.0

Critic Reviews:

All Hallows’ Eve is clearly a low budget independent movie, although it is also clear that every penny of that budget is right up there on the screen. Something rare about the production is that it is packed with countless nods to other films and genre influences, yet they actually play as fitting homage rather than misplaced plagiarism.

Overall, All Hallow’s Eve is not an awful film. It’s just insanely predictable, which ultimately keeps it from receiving much praise. While I never once felt the urge to turn the film off, I also have no desire to ever watch it again.

All Hallows’ Eve, an instant scare classic in itself, tends to transcend its own setting by playing on viewers fears and sense of nightmarish realism. This in itself carries its theme right up to the end to make for a truly edgy creep show.