After Blue (2022)

AKA: After Blue (Dirty Paradise)
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  • RT Rating 75%
  • IMDB Rating 5.6

Critic Reviews:

An art-house space opera that feels like X-rated Dune, After Blue is a feast for the eyes, but its confusing plot and meandering pace can make it a tough two hours and change to sit through.

...[After Blue] made its world premiere at Locarno a month before “Dune,” and in a way, Mandico’s transgressive fantasia provides the ultimate art-house counterprogramming option: Instead of testosterone-driven star wars over sandworm-infested spice fields, we find Toxic femininity trying to find her place on a planet full of screaming caterpillars and madness-inducing mountain powder.

After Blue develops into a bizarre take on the Western story template, with Zora and Roxy trekking across obviously crafted environments in a quest that might be called episodic—if its episodes were at all distinct or coherent. Mandico’s story plays with a lot of overlapping elements that don’t so much feel complementary as scattershot.