A Stalker in the House (2021)

She Was Nice To The Wrong Guy
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  • RT Rating N/A
  • IMDB Rating 3.5

Critic Reviews:

...A Stalker in the House (2021) is not the most original film, it is a TV movie-kind of a film with a rigid structure as such, and with a very turn-off and disappointing ending, but it is a credible and scary walk on the worst side of the human psyche.

...A Stalker in the House proves to be unsettling and moody. It operates a little too soft core in some aspects and, as it merely teases when it comes to nudity, it still manages to be disturbing as Jen’s life becomes one BIG mess for Mike to continue to screw with.

The eerie fact that there are many folks out there just like Mike makes his presence on screen both chilling and unsettling, and seeing a complete, detailed exploration of this type of person is more than enough to hold the viewer’s interest.