A Savage Nature (2021)

A hot August night. A brutal home invasion. Only one survivor.
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  • RT Rating N/A
  • IMDB Rating 3.7
  • Release Date: Aug 21, 2021
  • Rated: R | Runtime: 82 Mins | Language: English
  • Director: Paul Awad
  • Stars:

Critic Reviews:

A SAVAGE NATURE is a terrific example of indie horror at its best. This film tackles familiar material but approached from interesting new angles that bring something fresh and entertaining to the table. There is enough violence and darkness to make it a true horror story, but the impact of the film isn’t dependent on them. Instead, the mainstays here are solid storytelling and focused acting.

"A Savage Nature" was entertaining, if a little bit predictable at times. The lead actor Joanna Whicker does a fantastic job of playing the wife who yearns for more in her life. Her performance kept the story moving along at a believable pace.

While there is some excellent writing and direction early on, it’s hard to overlook the choices made in the later acts of A Savage Nature. Unfortunately, what starts as an interesting study in quiet desperation and loneliness eventually succumbs to melodrama.


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