2-Headed Shark Attack (2012)

1 Body, 2 Heads and 6,000 Teeth.
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  • RT Rating 14%
  • IMDB Rating 2.5

Critic Reviews:

2-Headed Shark Attack is a total Joe Bob Briggs kind of movie, if you know what that means. It’s more Piranha 3D than Mega Shark vs., more in the vein of a drive-in b-movie of the past than a Syfy original movie of today.

It can’t bode well if the main appeal of 2-Headed Shark Attack sucks, right? Probably not, but the inherent badness and stupidity of the whole thing makes it watchable.

.. if you’re looking for a straight-faced shark movie, 2-Headed Shark Attack definitely isn’t for you. But, if you’re up for some campy fun with a highly flawed but ultimately harmless bit of entertainment that doesn’t take itself too seriously, then you might find this film to be worth a watch.