Top Horror Films That Will Make You Think Twice Before Taking a Drink

Top Horror Films That Will Make You Think Twice Before Taking a Drink

Horrorific content by dusan on February 06th, 2019 | Horror Lists |

Hey there fans of horror! For the last couple of weeks I tried searching for horror movies that focus on contaminated water/drinks. Strangely, I could not find anything related to this topic, but as I recall there were several titles that immediately came to my mind so I decided to create this small list.

First on the list and my favorite is Cabin Fever (2003). This teen, cabin in the woods horror was directed by Eli Roth and it was followed by two sequels. For reasons unknown to many, this horror received a remake of the original back in 2016 but reviews called it weak compared to the first one so feel free to skip it. The franchise focuses on a flesh eating bacteria that spreads through the water system. Each of the films has a similar yet unique approach, where the original focuses on teens getting infected one by one and actions they take in order to stay alive.

The first sequel, Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (2009) jumps to a nearby town. Things quickly start unfolding, it is prom night and all the kids are preparing for the dance. We all know what happens when a bunch of teens get their hands on the contaminated punch. Yes you are correct. Bloody chaos!

Next on the list is The Stuff (1985). This one is a bit older and might have passed under your radar but be sure to check it out. A group of miners finds strange goo erupting from earth. As they examine it, they come to a conclusion to market the sweet tasting stuff. It soon becomes unclear who is eating who.

Following The Stuff, we have a remake - The Crazies (2010). The original was directed by George A. Romero and shows a small town where people start getting sick from the Trixie virus. The infection is spreading and military arrives to try to quarantine the place. Both films are great and worthy of a watch. The plot and style are similar but for me, I rated the remake a little higher as it had some scenes that scared me more than the original, plus an epic scene of a nuclear bomb detonation near the end of the film.

For fans of found footage we have The Bay (2012). This one is great as it really makes you feel uneasy when going for a glass of water the first time after watching it. An ecological disaster spreads like wildfire after parasites from the water system infect the population of a small Maryland town.

Now we come to more recent horror films with contaminated drinks and the first one is A Cure for Wellness (2017). It was brought to us by the same man who directed The Ring (2002) - Gore Verbinski, and it tells the story of a mysterious wellness center deep in the Swiss Alps that “heals” patients with water. This one is a psychological horror so prepare for the “treatment”.

The final three films on our list are all from year 2018 and all have mixed reviews among fans. You will probably either love them or hate them.

Office Uprising (2018)

Let’s be honest here. In year 2016 we had The Belko Experiment, in 2017 we had Mayhem and in both of these we follow a theme of a “hostile work environment”, so it does not sound strange when people start hating on Office Uprising. They took the formula that worked two years in a row and just copied it. For me however, I love all of them and encourage you to give this one a go. It has comedy, romance and action with just the right amount of gore.


Ravers (2018)

An illegal party hosted at the locked down plant is turned into a bloodbath after a contaminated energy drink finds its way to the ravers. This is exactly what you think it is. No hidden messages, no social commentary. A decent horror with nice effects, so if you are a fan of parties going from good to gruesome you will like this one.


Climax (2018)

OK, so here goes. Gaspar Noe, improvised dancing, LSD. With these three you will be captivated and set this one as a “must watch” or you will skip it like many of us do. Do not be fooled, this type of horror has a large audience and also a high artistic side to it, but if you didn’t like previous horror titles from Gaspar ( Irreversible, I Stand Alone) I doubt you will find this one interesting.

That is all Horrorfans! How did you like our list, do you know any similar horrors that we missed?

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