Top 10 Jason Voorhees Kills

Top 10 Jason Voorhees Kills

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Jason Voorhees is one mean son of a bitch (Don't kill me, Mrs. Voorhees). He’s best known for his bloody and unique murders, always keeping the audience on their toes. There’s no doubt he’s accumulated a massive list of victims, some easy and quick, and some absurdly brutal. We recently rewatched all 12 of the Friday the 13th movies and they’re here to tell you the top 10 most brutal kills.

  1. In The Final Chapter, Jason returns to health in the morgue and once again stomps off to his hunting grounds. At a cabin on vacation are the requisite group of teens and it’s Crispin Glover who gets a good kill as he slips downstairs after sex for a bit of wine. With a wine corkscrew stuck in his hand and a meat cleaver to the face Jason makes bloody good work of him.
  1. Though most of Jason’s killings are not meant to be emotionally resonant for the audience, the murder of Dr. McCulloch in Jason Takes Manhattan is. He’s a nasty authority figure who “helped” his niece get over her fear of water by throwing her into Crystal Lake. Jason doesn’t know this, but drowning him in a sludge-filled garbage can is true justice.
  1. Jason Takes Manhattan is a cove of precious and outrageous kills as Jason kills another character, this one nameless, by picking up a hot sauna rock and shoving it straight down into the unsuspecting guy’s stomach. At least he didn’t see it coming with the towel over his face.
  1. As more Friday the 13th movies came out, the kills became more silly, but this murder in Jason Lives reminds us that, yes, we’re still watching brutal murders. When Sissy is plucked from her window she’s treated to a 180-degree head turn and then Jason tears it off for good measure.
  1. Like a lot of original 3D movies Friday the 13th Part III decided to push their film to the max with eye-popping imagery. When Rick is goes outside to search the cabin grounds Jason catches him and squeezes his head hard enough to pop out one of his eyes, making for a fun and gory death.
  1. In another from Jason Takes Manhattan boxer Julius tries to take Jason on mano a mano. He puts up a good fight if his opponent is human, but Jason is not. After giving Jason all he’s got without Jason even losing balance Jason gives him one punch back: an upper-cut that takes his head clean off.
  1. One of Jason's more memorable kills takes place in Freddy vs. Jason . While Trey’s sexual cohort, scream queen Katharine Isabelle, is off in the shower Jason kills the unpleasant teen in bed, stabbing him over and over straight through the mattress. As if that wasn’t enough Jason then folds the bed, and Trey’s body in half. I hope Katharine likes taco shaped men.
  1. In The New Blood Jason shows us just how practical he can be. Cutting into a camper’s tent with his machete he pulls the girl, still in her sleeping bag out into the woods. With no time to waste and with a struggling victim Jason simply fixes his grip, winds up, and swings the sleeping back into a tree. It only takes one kill to knock the life out of the girl as the MPAA decided the film would get an X rating if he slammed her repeatedly.
  1. Horror movies aren’t known for their character diversity but Friday the 13th Part II features one camp counselor, Mark, in a wheelchair. Too bad for him he’s in a horror movie and he’s just as likely to be murder bait as the rest of his friends. The way Jason takes his life is simple, one hack of a machete to the face, but the way he hides this body, and we know he loves to hid them, is iconic. The force of the blow launches Mark down a long flight of stairs and we watch as he bounces down every step backwards.
  1. The best of Jason Voorhees’ murders? The liquid nitrogen kill has got to take the cake. When Jason awakens on a spaceship in Jason X he’s rightfully a little disgruntled. But before he can have a cup of Joe to help himself wake up he’s got to kill off this pesky crew. One scientist attending to his body gets the full force of Jason’s rage as he grabs her by the hair and forces her head into liquid nitrogen, freezing her face in seconds. And with his flair for the dramatic Jason then slams her face into the counter, shattering her into icy red shards.

And that’s all! Think they missed any? What would you add to the list?

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