Top 10 Freddy Krueger Kills

Top 10 Freddy Krueger Kills

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If you know just one thing about Freddy Krueger it’s that he’s an ugly bastard with knife fingers who invades dreams. And those are all a person needs to know to understand just how bizarre and imaginative his kills can get. He’s been slicing and dicing teens for 8 movies (and one remake) (and one video game) (and several music videos) and with a great deal of killin’ under his belt so we decided to count down his top 10.

10. Ever had a wet dream go sour? Joey Crusel find his wet dream a bit too watery in The Dream Master as he imagines the attractive from a poster swimming underneath his sheets. But of course it’s just Freddy having a bit of fun as the plastic melts away and Freddy stand and drowns him, turning the water red and making it a true bloodbath..

9. In The Dream Child one comic loving character named Mark gets to live his dream as he’s sucked into his comic book. Too bad dreams are Freddy’s domain. Mark gets his short chance to be a superhero, but Freddy turns him to paper and literally shreds him with his knifes.

8. Another from The Dream Child, Greta finds herself at a dinner surrounded by judging faces. When Freddy comes along dressed as a waiter he begins to stuff her face with food (the contents of her own stomach) and it becomes even more horrifying when we see her appear to other characters in the real world. She emerges from the refrigerator door with a gorged body before Freddy pulls her back in.

7. When poor Taryn of Dream Warriors has her fight with Freddy she shoots up on our favorites list. As a former drug addict and tough girl in her dream she gives Freddy a run for his money with knifes of her own. Once she gets a knick on Freddy though, he’s done playing. He corners her and turns his fingers to needles, plunging them into her arms. Particularly gruesome are the tiny drug-hungry mouths that open up on Taryn’s forearms.

6. Dream Child was a master class for unique Freddy kills. While the way he technically dies, veering into oncoming traffic, the way Dan is taunted by Freddy is grisly. Overpowered by his seat belts Dan is caught by Freddy after nodding off behind the wheel. Freddy electrocutes him and begins connecting him to a motorcycle, turning him into a horrifying human-machine hybrid.

5. A young Johnny Depp as Glen meets his maker in the original Nightmare on Elm Street when, despite warnings, he nods off in bed. He begins to sink into the mattress while watching TV and is sucked into a hole. Scary enough until torrents of blood begin pouring back out of the mattress and on to the ceiling. A memorable way for good old Glen to go.

4. The original film has another memorable death in the kill that started it all. Poor Tina Gray is the first teenager Freddy dispatches in the series and watching her real-life body be affected by the dream world is horrifying! She squirms in bed as Freddy’s unseen claws slice open her chest and she floats into the air, clawing around the room for stability as her body is tossed like a rag doll.

3. Dream Warriors strikes again as Jennifer, an aspiring actress, falls asleep while watching TV. Freddy interrupts a broadcast she’s watching and as she moves closer to the television his arms and head emerge from the box. He delivers a classic line, “Welcome to prime time, bitch” as he grabs her by the shoulders and crashes her headfirst into the TV screen.

2. In The Dream Master once again, the defiant and tomboyish Debbie gets a particularly horrific haunting before her untimely death. While working out Freddy suddenly takes on the role of her spotter, if a person’s spotter is meant to push the barbell down that is. He pushes it down to her chest so that her elbows crack and break and, just to really freak her out her arms fall off and grow replacement roach arms. As she turns into a cockroach Freddy catches her in a roach motel and squishes her with a grin.

1. And finally, the best of them all ends up being from Dream Warriors. As Phillip Anderson sleeps Freddy finds inspiration in marionette puppets and slices Phillip’s arms and feet open, pulling out his tendons to use as strings. He drags Phillips through the hospital as his friends only see him sleepwalking in the real world. Once Freddy reaches a window he cuts the tendons then to make it appear like an accident.

And there they are. Be sure to check out the video and their honorable mentions. Think they missed any? Let us know!

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