Top 10 Death Scenes from the Final Destination Franchise

Top 10 Death Scenes from the Final Destination Franchise

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Final Destination is an American horror franchise composed of five films. The original came out in the year 2000 and it showed a group of teens trying to cheat death by nearly escaping it after evacuating from a plane that was destined to crash. As time goes by, we quickly discover that escaping death is not an easy task. It turns out Death is excellent in planning out how to finish the group off in the most gruesome ways imaginable. Because it showed us lots of innovative ways to get killed we decided to create a list of our top movie deaths! We start with the scene from the original Final Destination (2000).

  1. When the group save themselves from an incoming train while being stuck in a locked car on the middle of the railway, our man Billy (Stifler) explains how they need to keep away from the next victim as Death follows a specific order in which the teens are “collected”. We could say that he completely lost his head over it.
  1. Final Destination 2 gives us the elevator scene. Talk about the crappy elevator design. Who was the genius that designed it to move while the doors are still open? Same as Stifler, Nora also loses her mind, as she struggles to escape the man with the hooks that was going to kill her.
  1. This one is from Final Destination 5 and even thou the amount of damage to the body is impossible to achieve when you sustain injury during gymnastics, we get to see how a body would look like after hitting concrete after falling from a tall building.
  1. We all love dentists, right? Well, the whole scene reminds me of Finding Nemo and even the birds hitting the window is there. Funny thing about this one is that all the things that went wrong in the office were not enough to seal the deal. Luckily, Death had a foolproof backup plan ready.
  1. Next we have Final Destination 3 and the famous warehouse scene. Talk about hitting the nail on the head. Lots of power tools and sharp objects… what could possibly go wrong? Well, if Death is after you, than I guess we can say that everything that can go wrong will go wrong!
  1. Another great scene from the 2011 Final Destination 5 is the one at the massage parlor. Isaac learns firsthand the benefits of acupuncture. Fire is definitely something everyone should fear, especially if they are unable to move freely while having needles stuck in their body.
  1. So, next up, laser eye surgery. Head immobilized, laser prepared, doctor leaves the office… hm, wonder what’s going to happen? Let's assume it can’t be life threatening, but we could be wrong.

Now it’s time for my three favorite scenes. When I was a teen I used to re-imagine what ways I would have tried to escape these dire situations and always felt sad for these souls as they reached their end.

  1. Who would have thought the kitchen could be such a dangerous place… From the original Final Destination we bring you the death of Ms. Lewton .
  1. At number two, we have the Bathroom scene. As this was one of the first deaths in the franchise it was even marked as a suicide by the general public. Always hard to watch this as I start thinking of so many ways he might have managed to save himself. It is one of those painful to watch slow strangulation scenes that are not for everyone.
  1. For our top pick we chose the Final Destination 3 . That’s right, the tanning salon scene. This is in my opinion one of the best and most gruesome deaths from the franchise. Check it out!

If you haven’t watched all the films from the franchise be sure to check them out. The movies are not bad at all and the visions of accidents resulting in everyone’s deaths in the beginning of each film really pull you inside the whole story. So, Horrorfans... Which one was your favorite death scene?

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