Top 10 Deadliest Traps from the Saw Franchise

Top 10 Deadliest Traps from the Saw Franchise

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When the first film came out back in 2004, Saw gave us a unique experience and a fresh new look on the survival games horror genre. Each “puzzle” that was not solved in time meant that the victims would face horrible deaths. Is there any better motivation to struggle to solve the puzzles? I doubt it.

There are two types of traps in these movies. First, a device is attached to the victim and in order to escape, the victim must endure great pain (or inflict it on others) in order to survive. The second one was introduced in the sequels and presents a journey of one person that has to make a choice who lives and who dies from groups of people who are trapped together.

So, let’s get down to business. Allhorror brings you a list of some of the best and deadliest traps from the franchise!

  1. Let us start with “Six Ride the Carousel” from Saw 6 . This one is pretty straight forward.
  1. Next up is “Piercing Wheel Trap”. This trap was introduced in Saw 7 (Jigsaw) and in order to save a person you have to endure pain for over 30 seconds. Let’s just say 30 seconds is a really long time to endure while being pierced by metal spikes…
  1. Again, we have a trap from Saw 6. “Barbed wire noose” is a classic pick the one you want to live, and it usually means bad news for the other one. Always hard to watch these scenes as it is so unclear who to pick!
  1. This one is really good and is by many horror fans one of the best and scariest trap. “The Reverse Bear Trap” attached on your head can only be disarmed using a key (that is inside a paralyzed person next to you) and if the time runs out the bear trap closes. Simple, yet very efficient!
  1. “The Glass Coffin” is one of those interesting traps set to implement doubt inside your mind. Is the coffin a death trap? Would you enter it? As it turns out, once the walls start moving closer, the claustrophobic glass coffin doesn’t look that bad at all. Too bad for all who chose to think outside the (glass) box!

Hope you are enjoying the list. We come to our final 5 traps from the franchise and these are both original and deadly, so you will definitely love them!

  1. The 2004 film gave us a lot of original traps and “Razor Wire Maze” is just one of them. There are no tricks in this one, you either stay where you are and die or cut yourself in order to reach safety. We are pretty certain no one would love to wake up and find out they are trapped in this hellish maze.
  1. From Saw 2 we have a contraption popularly called “The Furnace Trap”. The sad thing about this one is that the solution becomes visible only after the fire lights up the furnace. And yes, many of the fans complained that the guy could have just reached in to the fire and turn the gas off. But trust us, reaching out into the flame is not an easy thing to do especially once you start to panic. And panic attacks are quite frequent when people have their legs caught in fire.
  1. “The Angel Trap” from Saw 3 is something that will make your stomach turn (pun intended). But, not to worry, the solution to this puzzle is simple. All you need to do is reach the key in front of you. Oh, and just one small detail. The key is on the bottom of a jar filled with acid, so good luck!
  1. As if slow acting poison in the bloodstream and walking on broken glass weren’t bad enough, Jigsaw made sure to apply flammable jelly on the skin of his victim and placed him in a dark room with a candle. The rule is simple, crack the code written on the wall and open the safe in the middle of the room to save yourself.
  1. For the deadliest trap in the entire franchise we chose “The Rack”. It was used in Saw 3 and the whole setup is scary as hell. Imagine you wake up attached to the twist & turn machine set to turn your arms, legs and finally neck by 180 degrees and the only person that can save you is a guy whose kid you ran over with your car… Yep, I would not like my chances in that situation. Needless to say, the device is on a timer and the forgiveness comes too late.

So, Horrorfans! How do you like our list? What is your favorite trap?

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