The 19 Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2020

The 19 Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2020

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Hard to believe, but it’s that time already to give thanks for the horror we’ve seen this year and prepare for what’s to come. 2020 is definitely going to be the year of sequels and remakes, but we’re looking forward to seeing some new twists on old ideas - with some brand new ideas in between.

Behold, what we can’t wait to watch in 2020:

1. The Pale Door (January 1st, 2020)

The first horror film of the year comes from Starry Eyes producer Aaron Koontz, who wrote and directed this horror western. (If you’re skeptical, I implore you to watch Bone Tomahawk ). Honestly, you could sign me up for any horror film set in a ghost town, but when there’s a coven of witches involved, I’m especially excited. In a year filled with remakes, this unique story will be a nice change of pace. 

(trailer not released yet)

2. The Grudge (January 3rd, 2020)

The original film is itself a remake of J-horror favorite Ju-On: The Grudge. Though The Grudge got a major release and a Hollywood star ( Sarah Michelle Gellar ), purists found the film too tame in comparison. Sam Raimi will have a hand in the remake of his original film, and Indie Wire said new director Nicolas Pesce called his film “really f*cked up.” Sounds like it earned its R rating.

3. Color Out of Space (Jan 24th, 2020)

Elijah Wood’s film company SpectreVision is serving up an H.P. Lovecraft story in early 2020, and Nicolas Cage is set to star. A meteorite hits a town and poisons everyone nearby, creating madness in the masses. We’re seeing a big trend in bringing color back to horror as with Mandy and Bliss , and Color out of Space will set the stage for next year.

4. The Turning (January 24th, 2020)

Stranger Things favorite Finn Wolfhard is set to star in a modern remake of the gothic Henry James novella “The Turn of the Screw.” A woman is hired to nanny for two orphaned children, but their story is more complicated - and more grisly - than first meets the eye. The story has been adapted several times, so we’re intrigued to see an original take on an old classic.

5. Gretel & Hansel (January 30th, 2020)

The story of Hansel & Gretel is inherently scary, and Gretel & Hansel promises to bring it to an even more terrifying level. Oz Perkins , who has delivered us such treats as The Blackcoat’s Daughter and I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House , promises that the fairytale we all know hides another secret.

6. The Invisible Man (February 28th, 2020)

Another remake that’s been done a couple of times, but this one is highly anticipated due to its spin on the original. Gaslighting has been a hot topic in the #metoo era, and Elisabeth Moss looks like she’s being screwed with pretty badly as her abusive boyfriend, whom everyone thinks is dead, “haunts” her.

7. A Quiet Place 2 (March 20th, 2020)

A horror film can thrive on very little dialogue, as we saw in A Quiet Place . The original was full of suspense, but how much more can be derived from the same idea? We’re interested to see what fresh ideas are brought to the table, or if it’s going to be more of the same. 

8. Antlers (April 17th, 2020)

Guillermo del Toro is back with another studio creature feature, and it looks like it’s going to be gruesome. Antlers stars Kerri Russell and Jesse Plemmons as siblings who come across a timid young boy with more than just skeletons in his closet. This will be director Scott Cooper ’s first horror film.

9. Candyman (June 12th, 2020)

Jordan Peele has been serving up some thoughtful gems focusing on black horror, so it makes sense that he has decided to write a sequel of sorts to the original Candyman. Newcomer Nia DaCosta will direct, which will be a nice change of pace since the original story was very female-driven. Let’s face it: we’re all dying to see Tony Todd as Candyman again, and it looks like we’re going to get what we came for. 

(trailer not released yet)

10. The Crooked Man (June 30th, 2020)

Annabelle and The Nun have been huge box office successes, and now The Conjuring is getting yet another spin-off. The Crooked Man is based off of the children’s nursery rhyme of the same name, with the villainous character first seen in The Conjuring 2 . Is he scary enough to carry his own film? We’ll see.

(info still missing, so let us enjoy a small preview of The Crooked Man from the Conjuring 2)

11. Malignant (August 14th, 2020)

James Wan is going to have a big year - he’s adapting his graphic novel Malignant Man into a film. Wan has proved himself as a powerhouse in horror, and he utilized one of his actors, his fiance Ingrid Bisu, to co-write the script, centering on a man with terminal cancer discovers that his tumor has granted him certain powers. He attempts to use his powers for good against lurking evil. Will he prevail?

(trailer not released yet)

12. The Conjuring 3 (September 11th, 2020)

Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren are back in the juggernaut ghost story franchise, but the plot is not yet known for the third installment of the Conjuring. James Wan has stepped away from the directing role, passing the torch to Michael Chaves , but will stay on as producer. 

(trailer not released yet)

13. Last Night in Soho (September 25th, 2020)

Edgar Wright is returning to horror with his first film of the genre since zombie comedy favorite Shaun of the Dead . Wright’s arty new film centers around a woman working in fashion who finds herself able to travel back in time to London in the 1960s, where things aren’t as glamorous as they seem. The film is said to be a psychological horror/thriller inspired by Repulsion and Don’t Look Now - so, we’re basically in for a horrifying time. 

(trailer not released yet)

14. Halloween Kills (October 16th, 2020)

Thankfully we’re getting a horror movie in October, and of course, it’s none other than Michael Myers ringing in the Halloween holiday. Blumhouse’s Halloween was a huge box office success and proved a worthy sequel to the original film, and in 2020, the face-off between Laurie and Michael continues. Who ISN’T going to be watching!?

(trailer not released yet)

15. Trick r Treat 2 (Unknown release date, 2020)

A sequel to cult favorite Trick ‘r Treat has been in talks for over 10 years, and it looks like we are finally getting it. Writer/director Michael Dougherty is back for more, and he plans to cover different monsters that weren’t in the original film - though we, of course, hope to see more of Sam. As of October, the film was not yet in production, but we are still hoping they’re able to stick to their 2020 release date.

(trailer not released yet)

16. Army of the Dead (Winter 2020)

The year’s biggest zombie film is likely to be Army of the Dead, Zack Snyder’s sequel to Dawn of the Dead . The film will be released on Netflix, and will follow a roving group of mercenaries in Las Vegas who must continue to fend off hordes of zombies to ensure survival. 

(trailer not released yet)

17. Wrong Turn (Unknown release date, 2020)

Another great slasher that birthed several sequels, Wrong Turn is getting a remake/sequel next year. The Foundation, a group of mountain people who have hunted man for sport, is back for more gruesome kills in the Appalachians. Little is known about the upcoming film, but we’re excited for a fresh take on a chilling idea. 

(trailer not released yet)

18. You Should Have Left  (18 June 2020, 2020)

Based on the novel of the same name, this one features some big names: Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried . A screenwriter is having trouble getting his work off the ground. He goes to the mountains with his family for some inspiration, but what he finds there - and within himself - is quite troubling. A Blumhouse production.

19. Terrifier 2 (Unknown release date, 2020)

Forget Pennywise - Terrifier became an instant cult favorite with its horrifying depiction of the murderous Art the Clown. The filmmakers crowdfunded a sequel, and now Damien Leone is back to direct - and they’ve even tapped Scream Queen Felissa Rose to star. 

(trailer not released yet)

For the ones still missing info, we will give updates as soon as they become available. Until then, let us know what you think of the upcoming horror for 2020. What films are you dying to see?

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