Visitor (2021) FIRST LOOK

Visitor (2021) FIRST LOOK

Horrorific content by all-horror on December 13th, 2021 | First Look |

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First Look: Visitor

Visitor is directed by Alberto Evangelio and stars Jan Cornet (The Skin I Live In and Merry Little Christmas), Sandra Cervera, Iria del Rio, Miquel Fernández and Pep Ricart.

Visitor (2021)

Marga, in the middle of a marriage crisis, decides to spend some days alone by herself in her family's village house. There, an entity tries to communicate with her.

Visitor Reviews

"Visitor is a more than worthy debut with a very good bill and perhaps too few resources. More and better visual effects and more skill in some “action” scenes or more physical moments would have helped this Catalan co-production distributed by Filmax. [...] The continuous duality of the story and the secrets of each of the characters are well unfolded and shown and the ending leaves you with a good taste in your mouth." - el cinèfil

"Visitor is a singular and daring film that takes up the witness of a genre that is particularly forgotten in Spain if we leave the four usual references, which articulates an accessible narrative mechanism and leaves a solid residue." - la Ciclotimia

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