Veneciafrenia (2022) FIRST LOOK

Veneciafrenia (2022) FIRST LOOK

Horrorific content by all-horror on March 16th, 2022 | First Look |

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First Look: Veneciafrenia

Veneciafrenia is directed by Álex De La Iglesia (The Bar and Witching & Bitching) and stars Caterina MurinoCosimo Fusco (Berberian Sound Studio and The Card Player), Ingrid García-JonssonNico Romero and Silvia Alonso.

Venecia Frenia (2022)

A group of spanish tourists in Venecia will find themselves fighting for their lives against locals that are not too keen on foreigners.

Veneciafrenia will premiere on April 22, 2022.

Venecia Frenia Reviews

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