Vampus Horror Tales (2021) FIRST LOOK

Vampus Horror Tales (2021) FIRST LOOK

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First Look: Vampus Horror Tales

Vampus Horror Tales is directed by Isaac Berrocal, Erika Elizalde, Manuel Martínez Velasco, Víctor Matellano and Piter Moreira and stars Saturnino García, Lone Fleming (Tombs Of The Blind Dead, A Candle For The Devil, Sexy Cat and The Possessed), Antonio Mayans (SnakewomanAlone Against TerrorEl Siniestro Doctor Orloff and Blood On My Shoes), Almudena León and Elena Furiase.

Vampus Horror Tales (2021)

A sinister gravedigger plays host to four horror stories, each directed by a different first time filmmaker.

Vampus Horror Tales Reviews

"Sympathetic, nostalgic but routine terror movie in short budget, outstanding the great secondary Saturnino Garcia. As a creepy gravedigger plays as a host to tell four stories each directed by a different first time directors , though main producer/filmmaker Victor Matellano had already made some films. As the sinister gravedigger Mr Fettes or Vampus : Saturnino Garcia, tells five stories, these are the following ones : Second appointment, Happy Birthday, The Wedding, Vampus and Lineage.

This is an eerie horror anthology shot in black and whitr, formed by five segments interwoven by the frightening appearance of Vampus well played by veteran Saturnino Garcia. It packs grotesque scenes, morbid black humor and lots of blood and gore. Made in the traditional style of the old comic strips as Vampirella, Eerie and especially E C comic books of the 50s, subsequently adapted by Amicus factory with producers as Max Rosemberg and Milton Subotsky in films as Tales of the Crypt and Vault of Horror. Many years later, George A Romero, Stephen King wrote/directed Creepshow I and II in similar style, including a sinister host presenting the episodes.

This Spanish Vampus was uneven and professionally directed in low budget by newcomer directors as Erika Elizalde, Isaac Berrocal, Manuel Velasco, Victor Matellano, Piter Moreira." - ma-cortes

Vampus Horror Tales will premiere in 2021.

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