The Swarm (2021) FIRST LOOK

The Swarm (2021) FIRST LOOK

Horrorific content by All Horror on July 18th, 2021 | First Look |

First Look: The Swarm

The Swarm is directed by Just Philippot and stars Suliane Brahim, Sofian Khammes, Marie Narbonne, Raphael Romand and Stéphan Castang.

The Swarm (2021)

To save her farm from bankruptcy, a single mother begins a business of breeding edible grasshoppers. Soon she develops a strange, obsessive relationship with them.

The Swarm Reviews

"I had fun.

As advertised, this movie takes the mundane and turns into horrifying. I wish we had seen more destruction, but the relationship between the characters take the forefront. This is not a horror movie, but rather the story of a family, of sacrifice and of greed (with some well placed gore).

I recommend this movie to those who are used to french cinema and those who watch with an open mind." - valemas

The Swarm will premiere in 2021.

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