The Seed (2021) FIRST LOOK

The Seed (2021) FIRST LOOK

Horrorific content by all-horror on November 07th, 2021 | First Look |

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First Look: The Seed

The Seed is directed by Sam Walker and stars Lucy Martin, Sophie Vavasseur (Exorcismus and Resident Evil: Apocalypse), Chelsea Edge, Anthony Edridge and Shirley Barchou Pisani.

The Seed (2021)

What starts out as girls weekend away in the Mojave desert becomes a tale of horror, death and alien invasion.

The Seed Reviews

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"The Seed is one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time." - Stay_away_from_the_Metropol

"For a low budget movie this is entertaining and fun. Good quality acting held the film together. Hilarious alien and some great comments from Deirdre and the garden boy. Well worth watching." - johnbuchananmartin

"I love horror films but as a fan the reality is that these days the genre is full of stock plots where you can see what's coming a mile off, but you will never see what's coming next with this." - trippermikee

The Seed will premiere in early January of 2022.

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