The Lurking Fear (2023) FIRST LOOK

The Lurking Fear (2023) FIRST LOOK

Horrorific content by all-horror on September 07th, 2023 | First Look |

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First Look: The Lurking Fear

The Lurking Fear was directed by Darren Dalton and stars Michael Madsen (Incarnation and Damon's Revenge), Robert Davi (The Lurking Fear and Awaken), Luis Da Silva Jr, Elisabetta Fantone, and Skye Stracke.

The Lurking Fear (2023) FIRST LOOK

When a TV crew shoots a reality show at an abandoned mental institution, they encounter a horde of demons, leading to a bloody fight for survival.

The Lurking Fear will premiere in 2023.

The Lurking Fear Reviews

"A good location, game actors, and some fair cinematography cannot overcome a trash fire of a script. Give this a hard pass. You're welcome." - haskel-72951

"Man, this went all art movie at the end and super slow motion, which doesn't match the rest of the movie." - BandSAboutMovies

"There are no scares, either, like i said, sadism seems the goal. But it's lame, as there is no character development except maybe for the bald sheriff." - trancejeremy

"In my opinion, the script re-write and directing by Gillings made this film absolute trash. Those scenes look terrible, make no sense, and why is there a corn field in Jacksonville, FL???" - laura-blair-261-456470

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