The Haunted Hotel (2021) FIRST LOOK

The Haunted Hotel (2021) FIRST LOOK

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First Look: The Haunted Hotel

The Haunted Hotel is directed by Jean Campbell Hogg, Joshua Carver, Adam Collier, Deveril, Joshua Dickinson, Amy L. Feeley, Jane Gull and Toby Roberts; and stars Hugh Fraser, Reece Ritchie, Rob Jarvis, Paul Moriarty and Dominic Taylor.

The Haunted Hotel (2021)

Eight tales of ghostly encounters through the decades, manifesting amid the ruins of a once grand English hotel.

The Haunted Hotel will premiere on April 2021.

"This compendium might only prove that using eight directors, eight writers, and four editors produces a result that doesn't hold together very well. Some of the segments are quite atmospheric but none are scary or even chilling in the least. This is the kind of "horror" movies that you can't show your kids because they will leave the room rolling their eyes and making fun of you. Only one segment was really scary and that was due to the 1960s wallpaper." - hephaiston

"I enjoyed this. It's always intriguing to see what can be achieved on a low budget and this delivers some excellent and quirky stuff. Well done to all involved. Hope it does well." - Chilli61

"Lovely movie- really enjoyed watching this. More of a ghost story than a horror movie but excellent portrayal of the different decades - brilliantly joint together - even had its sad and definitely some funny moments! Most certainly would recommend this." - mrsalexmery

"I could only stand five "episodes" of this piece of garbage. It has nothing to do with horror or suspense even if the film claims to be all that. This is rather a comedy at its worst. The episodes are downright childish and also very "British" in a bad way." - The_Swedish_Reviewer

"I don't like scary films - but not his had a charm about it. I guessed the ' twists' on them all quite early I.e who was dead. I liked all the stories apart from the penultimate story - that was silly. Pleasant old style ghost stories." - amanda-616-901772

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