The Castle (2022) FIRST LOOK

The Castle (2022) FIRST LOOK

Horrorific content by all-horror on January 19th, 2023 | First Look |

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First Look: The Castle

The Castle is directed by Arish Sirkissoon and stars Tevin KuneneSanjay LaljithShivaan MoodleyRio Notra and Khushi Parekh.

The Castle (2022)

On their wedding day Michael and Catherine break down in the middle of nowhere. They walk for several kilometers when they discover an old castle. Against her better judgement Catherine is convinced by Michael to spend the night. Once she enters the castle she feels like something is watching her. What she discovers in the castle will change her life forever. Will she leave this place alive?

The Castle will premiere in 2022.

The Castle Reviews

"Awful acting, dreadful cinematography, a cringe inducing script, half the movie is simply filler and the rest is so generic and so unoriginal it's pitiful." - aspireelectricaldarlington

"The main drawback is a loose, rambling storyline that's never all that interesting with things seemingly happening randomly with little structure or care. Everything feels improvised and played out as if they just came up with it all on the spot based on the location. None of this comes close to explaining what the actual threat here really is with all this randomized nonsense involving the lame backstory for the newlyweds going on the trip, the strange relationship between the cult members that has a lot of questions and makes it all come off as if very little of this is genre-related in the slightest. Alongside the lack of anything visually impressive happening due to a generally cheap look, these factors bring this one down significantly." - kannibalcorpsegrinder

"The film looks good and the location is great. It just needs a better story to work. But I'm still looking out for what Sirkissoon does next." - BandSAboutMovies

"It's worth a watch and this psychological thriller will leave you with questions. We look forward to the sequel which will explore this cult more indepthly. A fun watch with twists and turns. Get ready for adventure." - ArishSirkissoon

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