The Amityville Curse (2023) FIRST LOOK

The Amityville Curse (2023) FIRST LOOK

Horrorific content by all-horror on July 18th, 2023 | First Look |

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First Look: The Amityville Curse

The Amityville Curse was directed by Éric Tessier (Evil Words) and stars Brendan Fehr (Silent Night and The Forsaken), Ennis Esmer, Jenny Raven, Dillon Casey, and Vanessa Smythe.

The Amityville Curse (2023)

A modern take on the ever popular horror franchise, still true to the novel of Holzer.

The Amityville Curse will premiere in 2023.

The Amityville Curse Reviews

"But this 2023 Amityville Curse is not a horror film, and should you describe it as such to your friends in discussions, when mentioning horror, please place it in air quotes." - RightOnDaddio

"This movie is cringe worthy. You like low budget, eh story and just want to burn through a couple hours of boredom or u want to have some background noise while u do shores? This is for u. I walked out a couple times and didn't miss a thing. Lol." - JosefinaDwild

"I have to admit, while I didn't hate this movie, but there are others out there that have done it better, like Amityville It's About Time and Amityville The Evil Escapes. I was just hoping for a bit more." - ladymidath

"A no-harm, no-foul Amityville movie that does nothing more than pass the time on a rainy day." - egthree-76426

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