The 8th Night (2021) FIRST LOOK

The 8th Night (2021) FIRST LOOK

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First Look: The 8th Night

The 8th Night is directed by Kim Tae-hyung and stars Lee Sung-min (The Piper), Park Hae-Joon, Kim Yoo-Jeong (4 Horror Tales - Hidden Floor), Nam Da-Reum and Dong-yeong Kim.

The 8th Night (2021)

With prayer beads in one hand and an ax in the other, a monk hunts down a millennia-old spirit that's possessing humans and unleashing hell on Earth.

The 8th Night Reviews

"The Good: I love the incorporation of Buddhist mythology and theology in the plot; maybe it's just me, but given the overwhelming depiction of Christianity in ghost and horror movies (even in South Korea), it's refreshing. The characters are generally very fun, particularly the dynamic between young, naive monk Cheonseok and grizzled veteran Jin Woo.

Also, the visuals are trippy and grotesque enough to be compelling, even if the plot is a bit convoluted at times. I love the "eye" and how it moves and acts.

The Bad: As I said before, the plot can be a bit convoluted and complicated, for no particularly good reason. We're still learning things during the film's final act, which is a bit of a problem.

The Ugly: the music. I don't know why, but the music in this one is really cheesy and took me out of the movie multiple times. For a film that lives and dies by its atmosphere, it's a bigger issue than you'd think." - ryanpersaud-59415

"Beautiful cinematography, some really endearing and funny moments, mystery, a supernatural doomsday setting. A lot to love here. The only horror movie that really beats this movie that came out in 2021 is A Quiet Place Part 2. (Sorry The Conjuring 3, you really did miss the magic Wann touch!)

I read some complaints about CGI by other reviewers. I don't share their complaints. Had a really good time with this movie." - ohkcomputer

"Very Korean supernatural horror. The main character always seems to start out really dour. Gore without being disgusting. Shabby without being dirty. High death rate of course. I feel Asian movies lose a bit of their essence in translation to English but this is still pretty good." - tonytangney

"Oh man, such a good story, such a good original material and then...this. The director doesn't look interested in doing something great here, so why should we care? The film is boring, with a vulgar direction, bad editing, bad score (basically the most generic you can find for each situation) and with serious pace issues.

The cinematography is good, at least. The plot...Well it could have been great, but it's confusing and a mess due to they way the story was told. Good acting from most tho.

Some good imagery, the girl was really creepy (much more before any effect), but nothing here will stay with me for long." - PedroPires90

"I really liked the origin story-very intriguing and creepy! It successfully set the tone for the entire movie. The countdown made me feel all the tension even if there were no jumpscares. Not a lot of gore, either. But there are very scary people here alright. Good twist at the end, too!" -  rouselleisla

The 8th Night will premiere on July 2, 2021.

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