Share or Die (2021) FIRST LOOK

Share or Die (2021) FIRST LOOK

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First Look: Share or Die

Share or Die is directed by Joseph Mazzaferro and stars Noah Diggs, Logan Van Dyke, Danielle J. Bowman, Austin Janowsky and Lisa Arcaro.

Share or Die (2021)

A mysterious post circulates through social media killing anyone who doesn't share it.

Share or Die Reviews

"I don't remember the last time I saw such bad acting in a movie (in a movie that wasn't a Polish production)... Maybe the story could have been "interesting" but those so-called "actors" killed the mood. I wasn't able to finish it." adhara-90661

"The film had a great idea that I think could have benefitted from being longer with more detail of what's going on in this little community. The lead guy is super hot. Needs practice though." - whiterainey-89421

"I have a hobby of seeking out low budget indy films in search of potential and I have to say that in between all the amaturish waste - there is hope here. For the director and for a few of the actors.

The pacing is slow which seems to be a common theme among MAzzaferro films. (darn those looming wideshots and awkward cuts!)

And the dialogue seems chopped up in some places. The characters could use more backstory. I didn't feel connected to any of the characters but that's not because of the performances per se, but because of how little information we are given on WHO the characters actually are. We are just tossed into a friendship circle and are left spinning our heads just to try to pay attention to who's talking next. We could have used another 45 minutes of backstory showing us why these characters care about each other and make us care about them too. The hot girls on the beach is rather cliche and I was surprised there wasn't a sex scene in this film after seeing that. There were definitely a couple actors that could have pulled it off. Maybe that could have added a few stars??

Thankfully the leads (albeit obviously inexperienced) managed to carry the movie decently. Logan VanDyke can go far as an actor if he works at it. It felt like he struggled to find Tyler's personality in some scenes but nailed it in others. And I'm not sure I understood all of his lines and why they were there. Lauren Crandall shows promise too. She is a vibrant and animated actress and I noticed her performance elevated when playing off of Logan versus the other actors.

Austin Janowsky seemed like he was uncomfortable portraying the misogynistic bad boy. He also just doesn't look like he would be that type of character. (He's a cute lovey dad type!!) His arc was rather empty as well as we don't see any growth. He's just evil one minute and bam, superhero the next. Okay, cool.

We didn't see too much of Noah Diggs are kind of left wondering why he would even be friends with Tyler in the first place? I wish we saw them coming up with a kidnapping plan or more of a backstory on their friendship?? So much empty space throughout the film.

The camping scenes could have been so much more if the two men didn't seem so robotic. I love the inclusion and I just wish they were better about it.

The scene behind the house was awfully lit but that comes with the territory of low budget indies. The ending was predictable and the way it was shot made it less suspenseful if thats even possible?

Like I said through the amaturish waste, there is hope here." -  heybabykitty

Share or Die will premiere on May 25, 2021.

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