Project Wolf Hunting (2022) FIRST LOOK

Project Wolf Hunting (2022) FIRST LOOK

Horrorific content by all-horror on January 17th, 2023 | First Look |

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First Look: Project Wolf Hunting

Project Wolf Hunting is directed by Kim Hong-sun and stars Seo In-guk, Jang Dong-yoon, Jeong So-min and Sung Dong-il.

Project Wolf Hunting (2022)

Follows dangerous criminals on a cargo ship who are transported from the Philippines to South Korea, as they unleash a sinister force after an escape attempt leads to a riot.

Project Wolf Hunting will premiere in 2022.

Project Wolf Hunting Reviews

"Let me just say something about the violence. It being "bloody", not "gory" makes it pretty boring. The violence is probably the only reason anyone will see this flick. It's got an R18+ rating for violence here in Australia, which isn't that common. You go to an R-rated horror/action flick expecting to see some really creative gore. "The Sadness" was pretty creatively violent, and that was only rated MA15+. Here, the violence isn't interesting or creative. It's all in the blood." - jadavix

"The characters stand around like puppets as if waiting for their ques to react - to fight back or to die, according to the movie script, instead of reacting accordingly to survive. What could have been a great action movie drowned in 2.5 tonnes of messy fake blood." - rozzembi

"I wonder why did the main cast even agreed to star in this movie. Overall, the movie is just an over-ambitious, laughable premise. Probably the good part of this movie, is the part where one female criminal was not detected by the heat-detector as she was in the cold storage." - accordchiang

"As an action/sci-fi/horror fan, I did like the movie, but it does feel a little overwhelming on the gore/violence/blood." - giridharsivakoti

"Not for the faint of heart -- to put it mildly -- but if you can take movies with graphic violence, this one's a not-to-miss. It definitely succeeds in making you look forward to continuation." - Art Snob

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