Devil's Island (2021) FIRST LOOK

Devil's Island (2021) FIRST LOOK

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First Look: Devil's Island

Devil’s Island is directed by Sean King and Taylor King and stars Kat Alexandra, Kristjan Sokoli, Pete Berwick, Cliff Yates and Alba Yates.

Devils Island (2021)

A young woman inherits a small island in New York and discovers it has a dangerous history.

Devil’s Island Reviews

"Samantha's grandparents are found murdered in their little house on a tiny island. Samantha inherits, and she goes to live there. The tiny seaside town has many small islands, where people have their homes.

In order to get to the house, they must use a boat.

We learn nothing of the grandparents, or any other of Samanthas family or history. She just turns up at the house, and starts living there. No one is interested in why the old folks died, and they are never mentioned.

The town people are hostile towards the newcomer, and wants her to leave. (Yawn) We are not told why that is. She doesn't bother anyone, where she is.

She discovers that someone has been in her house, and she is so laid back about the whole situation that its ridiculous.

Normal reaction for any sane human being, would have been fear or terror. You are alone on an island, where two people have been killed. And someone is clearly stalking you in your home. That should create some emotions!

The ending, and lack of explanation to anything, ruins what could have been a nice thriller. We are not given any motive for why the person does what s/he does. And even more annoying, there are literally only two suspects. Yup, there are three other actors in this movie, but one of them is taken care of, leaving only two suspects.

The ending sucks big time, with even more irrational behaviour from Samantha.

And why did they have to name the sheriff Sam?

No horror, no supernatural, no sex, no nudity, no profanity." - JaneBingley

"There was potential for this movie, but the story was just way too shallow. Sean and Taylor King just never developed it enough. The end result is once done, you can't help feeling "what's the point?". Another waste by amateurs." - roger_towne

"You have the cast, crew, equipment and know how to make a decent film in a beautiful location, yet can't be bothered to formulate a plot. Movie's need plots. They're kind of essential to keeping your audience's attention.

I turned this movie off after 11 minutes. This is what I saw in that time.

There's no information given about where we are or how we got there. You see the cameraman in the reflection of a door within the first scene. There's no direction given to actors and if there is it's to act in a completely unbelievable fashion. Once we got to the party montage scene and the main character's idea of letting loose is to flick the light switch on and off a bunch of times, I was done.

The ONLY thing this film did right, or attempted to do right, was cinematography. This is beautifully shot but also poorly executed in film technique.

I've spent more time writing this review than I did watching this movie and I feel fine about that.

Save yourself the trouble and watch literally anything else." - vertigoholmes

"This movie is nothing like the description. Not one bit. Acting isn't the best and the story was boring. Waste of time." - mrsking-27188

"People seem to be into extremes. Movies are a "must watch" or "don't waste your time". This was an okay movie. It won't win an academy award but it's great for killing a couple of hours on a rainy day." - mjgrindle

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