Last of the Grads (2021) FIRST LOOK

Last of the Grads (2021) FIRST LOOK

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First Look: Last of the Grads

Last of the Grads is directed by Jay Jenkins and Collin Kliewe and stars Michael Vincent Berry, Jennings Brower, Jadon Cal, Matt Catanzaro and Michael Cherbini.

Last of the Grads (2021)

A class of graduating high school seniors, nearing the crossroads of their lives, celebrate their last night together at the annual school lock-in. They never could have guessed that they're about to encounter the harbinger of death, the legendary 'Coast to Coast killer'.

Last of the Grads Reviews

"I really love the acting from the main actor, Officer Greg. He has an Oscar level of acting and has very attractive beard." -  saverioglennwijaya

"An unbelievable, world class performance from Charles White. It's incredible that we have the privilege of seeing such a world class actor perform. The history books will reflect this noble work of acting." - Dylanwhis

"Absolute masterclass of a performance by Charles White. His acting brought me to tears because it was so absolutely amazing. If Officer Greg wasn't in the movie I think the story would have fell apart because his character really ties the whole thing together." - slushycargo

"Charles White's performance as Officer Greg captivated me like no other. How "The Last of the Grads" production team managed to get an actor who carried one of the most famous dystopian teen franchises in the world is beyond me. My only critique is that there should have been more Officer Greg in the film or better yet, Charles White should have played every role in the film. This would have been a guaranteed Oscar winner in that scenario." - lhsneuropublicrelations

"Movie overall would have been a pure disgrace to humanity but when Charles White Jr./officer greg came into act, that first thought changed aggresively. A total goat movie, would highly recommend this to anyone!" - tiesvh-09945

Last of the Grads will premiere on May 14, 2021.

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