It Came from Below (2021) FIRST LOOK

It Came from Below (2021) FIRST LOOK

Horrorific content by All Horror on September 30th, 2021 | First Look |

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First Look: It Came from Below

It Came from Below is directed by Dan Allen and stars Megan Purvis (Mummy Resurgance), Becca Hirani (Fox Trap), Kate Sandison (Bats: The Awakening).

It Came from Below (2021)

A group of friends find themselves hunted down in the caves by a creature... from another world.

It Came from Below Reviews

"The story is rather disjointed, the character development is very poor and I couldn't bring myself to emotionally invest in any of them. It isn't proven that the creature comes from another world. My head is still spinning from trying to sort out the plot."  - ruble-huff

"This was a terrible mess. Too dark during the few action scenes. The main characters, hell all the characters except the monster, were just complete morons. Who in the world goes monster hunting in a cave with any supplies other than a headlamp??!! The story is a disjointed incoherent mess. Nothing is explained beyond "dad died. I felt bad I never believed the cave monster story, so I'm gonna get proof!" The monster is the only likeable character. Can't blame it for protecting itself from a bunch of idiots. They had lots of opportunities to just walk out the cave." - mibradygrl

"The director, one Dan Allen, made a clueless drunken stagger at creating a psychological horror thriller that just failed. The creature is the best thing about the film, as it looks very convincing, but there is no background proof, of anything, that pertains to it coming from another planetary distant world. So I give the creature 2 stars and the film gets a thumbs down." - silicontourist

"The cave scenes were pretty dark and the characters were a pain to watch. The ending didn't make sense." - nogodnomasters

"Either I'm getting old or people are making movies way too dark these days. Probably both. Either way, the end of this movie just got less claustrophobic and more confusing, which can't have been the intent." - BandSAboutMovies

It Came from Below will premiere on September 2, 2021.

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