Howl (2021) FIRST LOOK

Howl (2021) FIRST LOOK

Horrorific content by All Horror on May 24th, 2021 | First Look |

First Look: Howl

Howl is directed by Michele Martin and stars Michele Martin (Coffin 2), Kenny Johnson (The Ungodly), Scott Hamm, Laura James and Poppie Harris.

Howl (2021)

A young woman leaves the sanitarium to watch over her grandmother's house. As she descends into madness, she must decide whether to be devoured or embrace her true nature in this re imagining of "Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf."

Howl Reviews

"If you are like me that always watch anything that has wolves and vamps, this movie should be the exception. Incredible boring, the story is all over the place, bad acting, no special effects. This is the lowest rating I ever gave a movie. Not worth the time." - CineMasters

"This movie was billed as a "reimagining of the story of Red Riding Hood". Well, somebody please reimagine it again because this version was utterly predictable and boring as all get out. Visually, it's passable, but as for the story and pace of the movie, it's about as compelling as passing a popcorn fart, but not quite as enjoyable. It's an artsy-fartsy fairy tale more than it is a horror movie." - tmccull52

Howl will premiere in 2021.

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