Dirty Fears (2021) FIRST LOOK

Dirty Fears (2021) FIRST LOOK

Horrorific content by All Horror on March 22nd, 2021 | First Look |

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First Look: Dirty Fears

Dirty Fears is directed by Carlo Fusco and stars Sokol Martin Pepkolaj, Ieva Lykos, Melina Arena, Michael Madsen (Angels FallenRock Paper DeadMegalodon and Magi) and Eric Roberts (The Wind Walker, Clinton Road, Hide In The Light and Black Wake).

Dirty Fears (2021)

After an escaped mental patient takes possession and care of a mysterious mountain motel, what was once a place for rest and relaxation becomes a place of nightmares.

Dirty Fears Reviews

"I'm actually upset. I have not a single good thing to say. The other reviews are either fake, or they watched a different movie. Imagine any other terrible low budget movie you've ever wasted your time with, this ones no different. Might even be worse. I created this account just to warn you." - rozborskiluke

"No plot, no sense, sudden jumps from one gibberish scene to another, and bit parts by Michael Madsen and Eric Roberts, both of whom, I'm sure, are the victims in this scheme. They must have owed someone favors. There is no linear plot. One is dropped into the midst of stupidity and just as quickly yanked out of it at film's end. I'm not sure what the hell they spent $400k on, but it certainly wasn't props or effects. Give this one a miss!" - Steiner_Rolf

"Full plot: Several people get together in a group and spend all the time with the lights off and talk to themselves directly into the camera. That's it, entirely.

Could easily have been made with a $50 budget." - theblacklizard

"I loved the way the director make this strange situation very reale and cruel. I like that the characters are humans and not superheroes! Good work!" - federicocucchini

"Good movie, it represents in a realistic way the story that really happened, recommended to everyone." - lucagargione

Dirty Fears will premiere in 2021.

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