Digging to Death (2021) FIRST LOOK

Digging to Death (2021) FIRST LOOK

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First Look: Digging to Death

Digging to Death is directed by Michael P. Blevins and stars Ford Austin, Tom Fitzpatrick, Rachel Alig (Verotika), Ken Hudson Campbell and Richard Riehle (Fear, Dementia, Amnesiac, The Secret Village  and The Watermen).

Digging to Death (2021)

David Van Owen moves into a mysterious house and discovers a box buried in his backyard, filled with 3 million dollars and a fresh corpse. David hides the money in the house, only to be stalked by the buried body.

Digging to Death Reviews

"This movie is so awesome. The lead acting is very good. Good and unique plot. Much better than many other horror movies. The movie is funny as well as scary with its moments." - zeeking

"Great story line. Definitely a thriller with a psychological horror flair. This movie will keep you engaged to the very end which is a plus." - pulley-cc9

"If you found a puddlestack of money dug down in the backyard of your newly bought house, and it becomes clear that these money are pretty haunted and malificently printed values with serial number F... Y..666, with the reaper man on the reverse side where the white neckline says''its a human number, the number of the beast''.

Well do as the grumpy old man did and watch and learn how to overcome the burden of getting rich in an instant. and if you like the acts of Rich-ard Riele, you will be pleasantly surprised he is still alive and kicking in his 418 th feature film entry on the imdb's actors list.

Its a small cast comedy with a horses kick of human deprevation and desperation , with twists and turns that makes you laugh before they come, alla good old situation comedy. the sast is clearly b- division professional actors, with loads of experience, the production are quite original, very frank and easy and very well plotted. musical score is bullseye, and overall pretty seamless, though some sound flaws here and there.

So if you need a little macabareic dark comedy, then its a recommend, with a strong 8." - ops-52535

Digging to Death will premiere on June 1, 2021.

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