Dark Chronicles (2021) FIRST LOOK

Dark Chronicles (2021) FIRST LOOK

Horrorific content by all-horror on November 30th, 2021 | First Look |

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First Look: Dark Chronicles

Dark Chronicles is directed by Christopher M. Carter, Jessica Morgan and Dustin Rieffer and stars Steve McKee, Jessica Morgan, Katy Mahard, Jim Cirner and Joe Seibert.

Dark Chronicles (2021)

Dark Chronicles is a 2021 film in which a keeper of haunting stories recounts his four darkest tales. The anthology is a feature compilation of four episodes from the 2019 web series of the same name.

Dark Chronicles Reviews

"This movie looks like it came out of a web series and is now a full-length movie. It tells the story - four stories - on a stormy night, including tales of priests exorcising demons, an ancient evil, a group of friends facing their worst fears and two men entering a bar and only one surviving."  - BandSAboutMovies

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