Call Time: The Finale (2021) FIRST LOOK

Call Time: The Finale (2021) FIRST LOOK

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First Look: Call Time: The Finale

Call Time: The Finale is directed by Derrick Hammond and stars Marcus T. Paulk, Tyrone Magnus, Lynese ‘Babs’ Wiley, Mercedes Gutierrez and Jennifer Rosario.

Call Time: The Finale (2021)

Life imitates art when a mysterious killer terrorizes members of a film crew shooting a horror movie inside an old creepy house.

Call Time: The Finale Reviews

"Anyone who rates this movie 10 Stars was actually IN the film.

Horrible acting. Horrible plot. Dumb from start to finish.

Avoid unless you are in prison with a VCR and this is the only film they give you.

Seriously." - reellycynical

"Tyrone im gonna need you to up these acting chops. I dont think Kevin Feige is calling you after seeing this. I hope to see some people review this on YouTube to see what they think! In your videos you made this sound like you getting an Oscar performance." - dogwaterProductionz

"How is this a film? How did none of these "actors" read the script and decide it was a good idea to sign on? How does Tyrone criticize movies yet work on this dookie film? Marvel and DC ain't callin bro." - skyboy-33411

"Call Time: The Finale, is about how life imitates art when a mysterious killer terrorizes members of a film crew shooting the greatest horror movie of all time inside an old creep home. Such a remarkable film with the likes of up and coming actors and actresses handpicked by James Hunter, Derrick Hammond and other producers in order to get their vision to work well. This film really dials into the creepy, uncanny, and disturbing tones and vibes early in the film. Setting the stage to what is to come later. After a little while into the film, it does feel like those tones and vibes are lessened once you reach the climax. This doesn't hurt the film as much as others would think.

Acting here, is down to earth and phenomenal from this up and coming squad of talent. Marcus Paulk, Tyrone Magnus, Reggie Peters and Jeremy Woods play their roles the most believable and gritty throughout the whole film. Candy Goodhart, who plays, Marsha Bischer, feels like she needed more development in her character and maybe more screen time. She plays his role great and creatively; however, it feels like she is missing a little more screen time. Maybe it feels like she was dropped into the film, like a care package of filler and fluff.

The story and plot of this film is fantastic. Not going to spoil anything from this film; however, I can say the ending alone is worth it. Plotlines, climax and storylines themselves really pay off towards the end. Derrick and James took Nicanson's story and turned it into a heart pounding, edge of your seat thriller, sprinkled with realism and fear to the audience.

Overall, this film is worth the numerical and psychological investment for a 90 minute plus trip of what its really like behind the camera of any independent/Hollywood produced film. After watching this film, you will be hankering for more of Call Time, so if I were you (audience), I wouldn't miss my Call Time!!!" - BrandonsNDP

"This film was misleading in the most entertaining ways. The twist and turns in the plot and conclusion really make it worth watching!" - info-54468

Call Time: The Finale will premiere on April 20, 2021.

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