Blue Call (2021) FIRST LOOK

Blue Call (2021) FIRST LOOK

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First Look: Blue Call

Blue Call is directed by Brian Farmer and stars Katie Leclerc, Jack McGee (Do You Wanna Know A Secret?), Thomas Dekker (Welcome To Willits, Fear Clinic, A Nightmare On Elm Street, and Laid To Rest), Jonathan Bennett (The Haunting Of Sharon Tate and The Secret Village) and Andrea Sixtos.

Blue Call (2021)

Haylee, a local EMT suffering from PTSD, spends her days making split second decisions with lives that hang in the balance. One night on a routine call, she is faced with a moral decision, taking matters into her own hands and mercy kills a young woman. Her decision opens a pandora's box that leads Haylee to blur the lines of her job responsibilities and wanting to help those in need. Now, falling deeper and deeper into a rabbit hole, she gets caught up in a world of underground drugs and a sadistic killer who's made her his next victim.

Blue Call Reviews

"As in the professional lives over every healthcare worker in real life, peoples comes and goes, some goes for good as you will find out in this little curious psedohorror flick that tells the story about missus'' paramedic death''.

Death may have a natural course, even a legal one, then comes the euthanasic one that can easily be mixed up with actual overdosis cases and suicide victims. This might be a good starting ramp for a paramedic serial killer, not nescesarilly due to the urge for death, but alos done within the realms of empathy its often split second decisions that makes the way the pivot goes , also whats in the emergency bag can be of great importance. So when being ptsd in the proffesional work in the ambulance when adrenaline kicks in and the brain snaps in a fight or flight, medicine might be used unauthoriced russian roulettan way or just due to coincidental mixup of the chemical compounds due to blurry vision, that may actually hurt or kill the wounded. And as stress becomes more invigorous the consciencesousness goes flat and the gridline to use it as a lifesaver or as a retrebutal tool of revenge to threats in a ptsd'd persons life is short way apart.

This film shows these hardships to some extent and maybe copycatted by some in real life too. The storyline is alright, but the plotting couldve given a better view on timeline. Things like this doesnt happen in 24 hours chop, chop, chop. The acting are pretty plausible, more ravaged by bad filming and bad studio settings rather than actoral abilities. Riding the ambulance is like driving a car in a film from the 1930's, and the rocking motion of the vehicle when seen from upfront is bad rookie quality baby craddle motions. Also a bit too much close up faces and weird lights inside the ambulance and at indoor emergencies can be too much to swallow.

But its an interesting take on the paramedic profession, many will nod in reckognicion, and may wish euthanasial lawmaking could be a bit more humanized in a human ethical way, allthough playing all mighty himself until further notice is the all mightys job in most peoples minds, e.g. Them who has never seen suffering or have never seen a mercyful legal death procedure in practice .

The grumpy old man gives a fiver with some ambivalence, it could easily be an 8 or 9 with better filming and budget, but its worth the watch thinks the grumpy old man." - ops-52535

"This started out with promise but slowly fell into a rut of ridiculous decisions and unlikely scenarios. Our PTSD paramedic becomes an "angel of mercy" and loses her common sense. There are simply better things to watch." - Foutainoflife

"Good believable first half tracking the main character's descent into darkness. But the ending had the feel of a TV series that had been unexpectedly cancelled, and the writers desperately trying to tie up all the loose ends while still leaving some openings for a reboot."  - richxau

"I thought the film was pretty decent for the 1st two acts and I really loved the concept but the last act/ 25ish minutes made little to no sense and in my opinion seriously hurt the movie. Without spoiling, the ending is too rushed. I get that it's supposed to be a change from mercy killing to her becoming a killer but the change happens with such little build up it's just disappointing. They also try to drop a bunch of plot twists that are just confusing. Was Vaughn responsible for Ashley's death? How did Haylee know who the rapist was? When did her 1st partner become a criminal? In the bar scene at the end is the cop in on the whole thing? If so why? So is Finn just dead? Why did he try and kill Haylee on Vaughn's orders? These all could been decent twists but there was no build up to any of them. TLDR film gets progressively worse with a confused and rushed ending." -  dexstarr-65643

"I can't comprehend the generous rating that led me to watch this movie. At first it seemed pretty decent & I was rather amused by her hotheaded partner.

Then... people started doing & saying things that defied any sense of reality or logic, selling out any long held values or ethical reasoning left, right & center at the drop of a hat. Do not resuscitate." - veritybingo

Blue Call premiered on May 4, 2021.

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