Blood Pageant (2021) FIRST LOOK

Blood Pageant (2021) FIRST LOOK

Horrorific content by All Horror on July 09th, 2021 | First Look |

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First Look: Blood Pageant

Blood Pageant is directed by Harvey Lowry, Anthony J. Sands and Chris Gilmore; and stars Beverly Mitchell (Asylum Of The Dead  and Saw II), Stephen Baldwin (Magi, Shark In Venice and Snakeman), Ellia English (Cornered!), David Chokachi (The Bone Box, Alone Time and Rage Of The Yeti) and Snoop Dog (Hood Of Horror, Bones and Urban Menace).

Blood Pageant (2021)

In this horror-comedy-thriller, what begins as a million-dollar reality show competition between seven beautiful women turns into a battle for life itself when one contestant uses magic to gain an edge over the competition. An ancient curse dating back to the Salem Witch Trials is unleashed and the competition becomes a blood pageant of death, destruction, and evil forces. Forget about who will win - who will survive? This film takes aim to turn Hollywood upside down and give you a realistic glimpse into the little-known truth that "There Is No Reality in Reality TV".

Blood Pageant Reviews

"I really enjoyed this film! It had all of the elements of an amazing horror film (on top of it being such a comedy)! Definitely don't go into this thinking it is slasher film, but it's still an amazing watch! I highly recommend it!" - bainesalexis

"Snoop Dogg? Reality Competition? Supernatural? Yes. This film delivers. It's entertaining and brings some laughs even with the 'horror film' set up." - Dzi22

"Where is the line between right and wrong? Earthly vs immortal? If you want a gore fest slasher that revels is blood and guts and depravity, then go elsewhere. There's real life morality questions raised here while also having a fun send up of the reality show genre. The life coach Liz, (Natasha Blasick) sets an evil plan in motion with her sultry brunette femme fatale presence. And the songs are a treat!" - missionpluto

"Blood Pageant is the kind of movie you want to see more than once!

The comedic romp behind the scenes of a reality show competition is very enjoyable! The PA (played by Leo Gilmore) says to the other PA (played by John Ernst) that "you never tell the producer's wife where the producer REALLY is." "These are things they don't teach you in film school." The producer (played by David Chokachi) is so well played and he is so caught up in his ratings that he doesn't even care about all the mysterious deaths and disappearances around him. He plays off of the uptight and frustrated British director (played by Steve Spiro) so well! The comedy they bring is worth enjoying. The movie arcs in horror and there are some cool scares, but this is not a slasher film. It is a campy comedy horror with a mysterious twist ending. Snoop Dogg was such a good addition as the judge of the reality show. Ten stars!" - trinitycfg

"Blood Pageant has all the elements you're looking for in a supernatural film - gore, scandal, witchcraft, and more! Gripping and entertaining from start to finish. The two main female protagonists are badass tool."  - missinnayang

Blood Pageant will premiere on June 18, 2021.

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