Blind Ghost (2021) FIRST LOOK

Blind Ghost (2021) FIRST LOOK

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First Look: Blind Ghost

Blind Ghost is directed by Stuart Paul and stars Alix Villaret (Doll Face), Lindsey Sirera, Casey Graf, Adam Ambruso and Jeremiah Benjamin.

Blind Ghost (2021)

A beautiful young woman left blind by a hit-and-run must unmask her attackers before they strike again and lay claim on her $500 million inheritance.

Blind Ghost Reviews

"This movie is really bad and i can guarantee you that you will not like it. The plot makes no sense. The acting is appalling and the the actors would have been better working a 9am-5pm job at Walmart cause this movie is horrible. The person who gave this movie a 9 star rating is the actress in the movie has no acting skills. I can do a much better job acting than than this person can do. There is nothing that can save this movie and f this get a rating higher than 1 then you should know that its the people associated with this movie who has done that." - stunnerman

"Lilly (Alix Villaret ) is blind from an accident. She suspects someone in her family wants her dead over an inheritance. But who?

This is a dark comedy that reminded me of "Murder on the Orient Express" before the murder and everyone want to kill the person. In a way, it spoofs those types of mysteries and adds a ghost to the story. Clever at times, slow at other." - nogodnomasters

"I personally didn't enjoy this movie. What really caught my interest, is that Lindsey Sirera who stars in this movie, also decided to review it. So keep in mind, most of the reviews should be thrown out when looking at them on any movie!" - sunnisheryl-977-113621

"Great for a night in with a bottle of wine and plenty of popcorn, Blind Ghost is a darkly comedic thriller with a cast of idiosyncratic characters that keep things wildly interesting from start to finish." - lindseysirera

Blind Ghost will premiere on June 1, 2021.

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