Big Cat Trail (2021) FIRST LOOK

Big Cat Trail (2021) FIRST LOOK

Horrorific content by All Horror on August 20th, 2021 | First Look |

First Look: Big Cat Trail

Big Cat Trail is directed by Beau Yotty and stars Lisa Barnes, Katrina F Kelly, Stew Jetson, Jim Perry and Sophia Okonsky.

Big Cat Trail (2021)

Three couples go into the mountains for an overnight hike, seeking relaxation and fresh air. Instead, they find themselves engulfed in terror as they fight to stay alive.

Big Cat Trail Reviews

"Very unprofessional with poor acting and poor direction. I cannot see why there are so many amateurish movies around lately. Not much fun to watch to be honestly." - deafo

"I like to watch amateurish movies cause its fun but this one is really bad." - poko-49656

"With 40 some odd acting credits, 15 producing credits, and 12 directing credits to date, this vanity piece by Beau Yotty should have been better. He does all three here. The most irritating part of the whole film was the sound. The levels were all over the place.

Listed as a comedy, horror, thriller, I didn't get a single giggle, guffaw, snort, or laugh during the duration of the film. Not even close. The horror aspect took up maybe 10% of the movie, unless you want to count the dialogue from "store owner".

The camera work, and soundtrack (when not squelching) carried the load when it came to the atmosphere, so it wasn't all bad. The acting wasn't anything notable. I've endured worse in better movies." - sahlgoode

"Who pays these people to make these movies, bad sound mix , bad bad acting, bad special effects. This is no joke these so called actors should find another way to make a living. Every single person in this film are the worse actors I ever seen in my life. Must of used a cell phone to make this picture of no sense." - ssal-45760

"Where to begin. The wind is blowing so much throughout the entire movie that you can't hear what's being said by the terrible actors half the time. There's a "twist" ending that is just laughable. Even though it's relatively short, it's a complete waste of time. Spare yourself the agony and skip this one. I rarely vote movies a 1/10, but if there's a movie that deserves it, this one is most definitely it." - Creeper75

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