Witches Curse Commercialization

Witches Curse Commercialization

Horrorific content by penguin_pete on September 23rd, 2018 | Culture, Horror News |

Grab your popcorn: Those who would call themselves real-life witches are fit to be tied over the commercialization of their craft and lifestyle. The story, as best we can gather, is that a company put out a product called the “starter witch kit,” a fancy way to hawk a package deal of tarot cards, some crystal, some oils, and whatnot. And this one product suddenly elicited an uproar from lifestyle witches on social media, to the point where they had to retract the item and apologize. Because it’s cultural appropriation.

It’s just one of those mystifying episodes, because this one product became a viral flashpoint for backlash while there are whole chain franchises out there that have been appropriating every alternative religion and belief since the dawn of capitalism. If somebody can explain why this one boxed product was “culture theft and commodification” while none of these displays are...

...we’d be more than happy to listen. For that matter, where is anybody supposed to buy tarot cards anyway?

But Halloween is right around the corner, so this story gives us our annual reminder that “Be! Offended!” season is coming up. All of our precious and dearly-held beliefs, lifestyles, and cultures are about to become somebody else’s costume. Isn’t that wonderful? We all get this opportunity to get over ourselves and realize it’s not so bad.

Speaking as a horror movie resource website, of course our database is crammed chock full of movies which negatively appropriate every race, religion, lifestyle, orientation, creed, social class, and even species. Horror movies especially target alternative religions, trampling on Pagan, Wiccan, Satanist, and Catholic beliefs with equal gusto. Hey, The Craft managed to draw some fire even though they had actual Wiccan consultants on the set.

So, ah, just to remind everybody we don’t make the movies here, we just list ‘em, m’kay?

And can we all lighten up? It’s a long way to Halloween yet.


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