VCR Horrors: The Harm of Horror Movies

VCR Horrors: The Harm of Horror Movies

Horrorific content by adrian on July 04th, 2018 | Culture |

This 20/20 news segment from 1987 "exposes" the many dangers horror movies had on our sweet dear children. It's fun to look back at the level of people's sensitivity only 30 years ago. It's also funny to notice how the 20/20 crew had no familiarity with horror. They actually tried to paint Evil Dead 2 as a serious movie chock-full of realistic portrayal of killing and gore. Evil Dead 2!

So strap yourselves in because this shocking news segment is going to blow the lid off, dare we say it?... SLASHER movies! They go on to explain how kids get together to watch them at "gross out parties". Can you believe it?!


More blood than a bloodbath. Have we got your attention?


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