Update: Jason Statue Still In Lake, Missing His Friends

Update: Jason Statue Still In Lake, Missing His Friends

Horrorific content by penguin_pete on September 27th, 2018 | Culture, Horror News |

D’oh! The Fake News gremlins got us again!

So a while back we snagged the story about Jason Voorhees’ statue threatened with removal from Lake Pleasant, Arizona, by fun-police rangers. Well it now turns out that the original story was a bit flimsier than we’d originally thought.

In an alert report alertly sent in by Slasher Radio (insert snarky Dave-Barry-type motto here), it turns out the Jason statue was not removed, merely relocated to a different part of the lake where he can get a better view of the swimsuit-clad visitors splashing over him. The teeming hordes of #SaveJason activists - we’re picturing round-the-clock candlelight vigils of people chanting this sound in unison - might well have made an impact in the world.

Or else there’s the OTHER theory, but so far no hacked-up bodies of rangers have been found near the site. If that changes, they could test the DNA on Jason’s machete, if they find somebody with the nerve to try to take it away from him.

There’s a relevant interview with the statue’s creator at Slasher Radio, episode #53.

Slasher Radio notifies the Present Author, alertly, that "Our show is standing alongside Jason's creator with a petition that's fighting to keep him submerged at the bottom of Lake Pleasant!” - as opposed to someplace more suitable, like, say, my front yard.

Join us again as we continue to breathlessly update this story in our continuing saga of “Where’s Jason”?

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