The Howl – September 28 – Police Arrest The House That Dripped Blood!

The Howl – September 28 – Police Arrest The House That Dripped Blood!

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Greetings, ghoulies and goblins, and welcome to our continued Transylvania tabloid “The Howl”! Every Friday, the AllHorror Howl gives you a roundup of items of interest to you fear fans. Our former feature in this spot, the weekend entertainment guide “Wicked Weekend,” has instead become a newsletter: Get your email subscription from your friendly local sidebar ?.

October is just three days away, Halloween is 33 days away!

October 1st will be 50th anniversary of Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. This iconic movie that launched the horror genre as we know it is a lauded classic. Hollywood Reporter talks about why this movie is more relevant than ever.

Which makes this a perfect month to organize a neighborhood zombie walk - what better way to get in the spirit for Halloween? We’ll be posting on the ones we hear about.

Hell Fest opens today! This anticipated wild ride is about a slasher stalking a Halloween-themed amusement park. If you can’t make a fun movie that way, you’re not worth your machete. Perfect film to get in the Halloween spirit.

Netflix original Hold the Dark releases today. This interesting take on deep woods horror has a hunter pursuing a pack of wolves after a child is dragged off. It’s by director Jeremy Saulnier, who has given us some quirky horror fun with Green Room and Murder Party, so it might be worth an eyeball.

There’s an October Scare-a-Thon Facebook group, listing 31 movies to watch for each day in October, culminating with Murder Party on Halloween night, which we just mentioned, didn’t we? Then you can join the group on Facebook and join the rap party discussing each movie in turn.

We anticipate many more 31-days viewing lists to come - hey, why not start your own? Our list section is right over here, don’t be shy!

In my own home town, Des Moines, Iowa (the original Children of the Corn!), there will be a Slipknot-themed haunted house opening. Slipknot is the Midwest’s own horror-rock native band. Be interesting to check out, tell ‘em Penguin Pete sent you!

UPDATE The "Slaughter House" has an updated story at WHOTV. Ticket info and schedule.

It’s happened already, and it’s not even October yet: a North Dakota woman put up Halloween decorations that were apparently soooooo over-the-top that neighbors  thought something really bad was happening. So they flipped out and called the police, who had to arrive and explain to the idiot that no, there was no ax murderer in there chasing desperate victims around while they scrawled pleas for help in blood.

Can we just climb up on our soapbox right now and stack ANOTHER soapbox on top of that one so we can climb up even higher on it too, and get out our megaphone, and ask everybody as a PSA to “PLEASE BE TOLERANT OF YOUR NEIGHBORS’ HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS!”

Til next week, zany zombie fans, stay chilly!

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