Music Corner - Death Proof (2007) Lap Dance Scene

Music Corner - Death Proof (2007) Lap Dance Scene

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Great taste in soundtrack music is one of director Quentin Tarantino’s signature traits, and Death Proof (2007) continues the tradition. When you’re done re-playing the video and drooling over Vanessa Ferlito’s sexy gyrations, come back here.

The song that’s playing is "Down in Mexico" (1956) by The Coasters. A lot older than you were expecting? The Coasters were an R&B vocal group and a huge hit in the 1950s. You’ll recognize some of their “oldies” songs still in use today, including “Searchin',” (1957), "Yakety Yak," (1958), and "Charlie Brown." (1959). “Down in Mexico” was their very first charting hit single.

But there’s even deeper rock ‘n’ roll history roots here. The song was written by the Brill-Building era duo of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, a songwriting team who arguably did more to shape the advent of rock ‘n’ roll music than anybody else. They’re best known for writing the song “Hound Dog,” (1953), probably the signature song of Elvis Presley. Leiber & Stoller’s joint career was built on this song, as the cover and title of their autobiography would suggest.

Music geeks and rock scholars consider that book essential, because it’s a fascinating window into the early years of rock music and especially the production industry, with many behind-the-scenes anecdotes. One surprising fact you might not know is that Elvis was not the first with “Hound Dog”! It was a cover; Leiber & Stoller originally wrote the song for blues singer Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton. Elvis’ version came three years later.

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