Horror-Themed Pinball Games

Horror-Themed Pinball Games

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In these wired-up, high-tech days of the 21st century, pinball games are an antiquated hobby, throwing way back to the 1800s at least! Nevertheless, pinball games were still a popular diversion well into the 1980s alongside coin-op video games. You can still find the odd pinball machine in movie theater lobbies and the dingy corners of bars. Hobbyists currently dot Craigslist and eBay trading and restoring machines and cabinets.

Today let’s visit the obscure category of horror-themed pinball machines. There’s more of them than you think!

#1: The Addams Family

Themed after the 1991 revival film of the same name, it became the best-selling pinball game ever, at over 20K+ units sold by leading manufacturer Bally(that’s a big deal for a pinball game). It’s filled with voice and sound clips from the film, as players are invited to explore the Addams’ mansion.

#2: Tales From the Crypt

This one’s themed more after the general franchise started from the EC Comics title, without direct reference to the 1972 movie of the same name. It was made by Data East Pinball, regarded as one of their best. It keeps a general horror anthology theme as players are goaded on by the Cryptkeeper’s manic cackle.

#3: The Twilight Zone

Released in 1993 and themed after the general franchise with focus on the original TV series rather than the 1983 movie, this Bally table faithfully reproduces Rod Serling’s solemn introduction as players encounter elements from the show’s best-known episodes. Rated "Best Electronic Pinball Machine of All Time" on the Internet Pinball Machine Database. And yes, that’s the 1982 song by Golden Earring playing!

#4: Elvira and the Party Monsters

Elvira is such an integral part of horror film culture that we made a list just for movies featured on Elvira’s Movie Macabre. The “Queen of Halloween” got her own pinball game in 1989 from Williams Electronics. Not quite as flashy as your average game, but still features Cassandra Peterson’s voice-over.

#5: Scared Stiff

That’s right, pinball machines can get sequels! Even eight years after her feature movie, Elvira was popular enough to warrant a second pinball game, once again with “The Mistress of the Dark” lending her voice and likeness to this Bally-Williams table.

Hey, Scared Stiff even got its own promo video!

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