Horror Parody Commercials

Horror Parody Commercials

Horrorific content by penguin_pete on October 23rd, 2018 | Culture, Videos |

Look out, it’s Halloween week and we’ve got another batch of horror-themed commercials. Last time we started this trend with Halloween candy commercials. It fits the season with trick-r-treat coming up.

This time, we figure you horror freaks out there are binge-watching through your horror bucket list, which means you’re especially primed this time of year to recognize and laugh at those over-used tropes and cliches that appear over and over in horror film. And these little video spots are here to remind you!

This Nike commercial actually got banned? Just because she’s in an undershirt? Anyway, Texas Chainsaw dude better train on a treadmill!

This one’s really droll. Friday the 13th reference.

This one’s practically a Scary Movie nod...

Don’t you hate how you can run and even skate all day from a walking slasher who always catches up with you? Bonus points for actually finishing the job!

Here’s how to handle those pesky basement shadow men .

A very clever Exorcist gag!

And for our final act, the satiric trailer for Hell No! is a roundhouse kick to Cabin Fever, Ouija, Hellraiser, and more! “Smart characters; good decisions!”

That was our low-effort memeable post for the season. Let's face it, this close to Halloween, nobody feels like longform content anyway.

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