Horrific My Little Pony Fan Fiction

Horrific My Little Pony Fan Fiction

Horrorific content by penguin_pete on July 08th, 2018 | Culture, Videos |

Here at the Satellite of Love, we denizens of AllHorror.com dig deep to find you those undiscovered corners of horror fiction culture that the other horror blogs miss. And when we say “deep,” we mean “too deep,” in a way which tends to awaken moody Balrogs. No matter what you were originally looking for, when you find yourself browsing horror within the fan-fiction community within the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fandom, you must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. It’s a shame we can’t get a tattoo of this moment to commemorate it.

But we got here from the starting point of the Saw and Hostel franchises, and then set out to discover all the torture horror films in the world. But we also accidentally snagged "120 Days of Blueblood” in the net, an obvious riff on Salo, and, while recoiling at this Stygian abomination, were yet still intrigued as to whether it was the sole specimen of its species.

No, it’s not:

So, yes, dear readers, we will cheerfully install this knowledge into your brain. Pass it on. Everyone must know it exists. When the last person has been told, we can then have a worldwide day of silence to solemnly ponder what we, as a species, have become.

Oh, we found live readings and video performances, of course! Just see all the YouTubeness below. And hey, can we get a “clop clop” for our research team? Sane, innocent brain cells were sacrificed so that this phenomenon could see the light of day.


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