Chinese Horror Explained Ep 08 - MIDNIGHT MELODY

Chinese Horror Explained Ep 08 - MIDNIGHT MELODY

Horrorific content by TheArtyDans on December 03rd, 2020 | Culture | Chinese Horror Movies Explained

Welcome back to our series on Chinese Horror Movies Explained, where we explore the wacky, silly and crazy world of C-Horror movies and explain to you how the filmmakers get around the strict regulations and censorship imposed upon them by the Chinese government.

The second of a Shilei Lu and Filmoon double feature, this time we are going to look at his most recent film, the 2019 horror (comedy) thriller Midnight Melody.

Filmoon seemed to have matured as a horror movie production studio in 2019 as this movie covers slightly different themes than usual, as it deals with depression. It also has a slightly different explanation than what you’d be used to.

In Midnight Melody we follow Shen Ze, a man who seems to have difficulty getting over the memory of his ex-girlfriend Xinlan who committed suicide. He has decided to move on with his life, but Xinlan has other plans! Her ghost starts to stalk Shen Ze, upset that he is trying to forget about her.

After an incident sends him to the hospital, his new girlfriend Enjing decides to invite a friend of hers to stay in their house. Her friend comes with baggage, a man who is a masseuse who starts treating Shen Ze with his special therapy sessions. But these sessions bring out the ghost of Xinlan, and she is mad – demanding to know why he killed her!

Some signature Shilei Lu styles are in play in this movie, and the ending has to be seen to be believed. Possibly the most ridiculous explanation for depression I have ever heard.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself below.

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