Chinese Horror Explained Ep 06 - THE STRANGE HOUSE

Chinese Horror Explained Ep 06 - THE STRANGE HOUSE

Horrorific content by TheArtyDans on November 09th, 2020 | Culture | Chinese Horror Movies Explained

Welcome back to our series on Chinese Horror Movies Explained, where we explore the wacky, silly and crazy world of C-Horror movies and explain to you how the filmmakers get around the strict regulations and censorship imposed upon them by the Chinese government.

We’ve made it to episode six. You deserve a reward for getting this far, so we present to you: The Strange House. A movie that we consider to be good. In the context of C-horror that is!

The key to making a good horror movie in China is simple. Find an international director. Which is exactly what the producers have done here, hiring one half of the Pang Brothers, in this case Danny Pang, to do the directing work. The Pang brothers are responsible for the awesome The Eye trilogy, as well as Fairy Tale Killer and fireman movie Out Of Inferno. Just don’t mention their Hollywood work *cough*The Messengers*cough*.

So what has Danny gotten himself into?

This movie follows a young girl, Yezi, who is being stalked by an older man. When she confronts he, he has a proposal for her. He tells her that she looks exactly like his dead niece and he would like to pay her an undisclosed sum of money for her to pose as his niece to satisfy the dying wishes of his mother.

Eventually, when he realises she is in dire financial stress, she takes him up on the offer. She moves to the house where everyone is living and takes on the role of Xiao Rong, the dead niece.

But the family who lives there is very hostile to her, and she doesn’t understand why. Channelling her inner bloodhound, she searches for clues within the house, and uncovers some horrible secrets.

What are the secrets? The answers to that are in the video below:

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